Guitarist Freddie Cowan and his band ‘The Vaccines’ were making a record in New York City, living day and night in the studio.

His clothes weren’t working.

In came tailor David Chambers.



They created Basic Rights.


Freddie came to me and told me what was on his mind. I knew what he was going for the minute he opened his mouth. He wanted to focus his attention on his work and needed collection of essentials, tailored to the highest standard. Pieces that were everyday and special. A focus on fabric and quality, finish and cut. That’s what Basic Rights would be.

It isn’t fashion. It’s much more solid than that.


That’s it. We want to make future classics. That favourite t-shirt and the things that you come back to again and again. Not something that’s flash in a pan.

I wanted to work with David on this because that’s exactly what he's about. He learned his craft on Savile Row and has spent decades dressing icons of style.




It was important to me that there was a strong element of tailoring. That the clothes were well constructed. It’s what I’ve always been about and it’s where my roots are.


For us it’s straightforward. We’re about quality, simplicity, detail.

It was back when I was making my record that the concept of Basic Rights was born. It’s where we started. So we make for those who care about their work. The community of artists, musicians, and anyone else who creates in our clothes. For us it’s about them. For those living life.



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