limited edition

Koby has collaborated with Basic Rights to create a limited edition version of our Black Crew Neck Sweater, featuring a bespoke new artwork, with only 50 available.

Koby Martin x Basic Rights Crew Neck Sweater - Black

Koby Martin’s painting has made a him a powerful new voice in British art. Born in Ghana, but now based in the UK, he draws on both backgrounds in the narratives of his work, which uses bold, vibrant colour and line to dramatise the beauty and chaos of human experience and identity, creating something that is deeply sincere, and wildly playful, at the same time.

I remember seeing Koby’s art for the first time, and feeling its rawness. There’s a deep sincerity to it- the feeling of an artist putting his soul on the canvas, which is how I’ve always felt about art in general, especially music. And obviously it looks cool as hell as well, which also helps, and not an insignificant part of why we love his bespoke piece for Basic Rights.

- Freddie Cowan