We don’t just set out to make quality individual pieces of clothing- we aim to create a full uniform that can be worn interchangeably day-in-day-out, year after year, because we believe that’s what clothing for creative life should be. 

To help you do that, you can now build bundles of our core collection, for whatever your uniform is, whether that’s a Heavy-Weight T-Shirt every day, a weekly rotation of our iconic shirts, or even your full head-to-toe wardrobe. 

heavy weight t-shirt bundle

They say good things come in threes.

Buy 3 Heavy Weight T-Shirts and get 10% off.

Because a t-shirt that’s good enough to be worn every day, deserves to be.


We make some truly great shirts at Basic Rights. It’s an embarrassment of riches to be honest. From our iconic Camp Collar and Rockabilly Shirts, which we’ve refined for this year, to our newest shirts like our Hidden Placket, Western and Triple Stitched Work Shirt.


They’re too good to own just one. Or even just two. That’s why we’re offering our new 3 Shirt Bundles.

Mix and match any Short Sleeve Shirt for 10% off or Long Sleeve Shirt for 15%. Mix and match any style, and any colour.