Basic Rights was launched in 2016, by guitarist Freddie Cowan of The Vaccines, to provide the ideal uniform for modern creatives. The premise was, and remains, beautifully simple-  iconic menswear, inspired by utilitarian workwear and classic men’s tailoring, to create what we call a ‘uniform for creators’, a uniform as stylistically durable as the material used. Because every one of us has a creative mark to make on the world, and Basic Rights makes the clothes for you to make yours in.

We source eco-friendly fabrics from the limited, end-of-roll supplies of luxury brands’ production lines, to create finished products of incredible quality, while reducing the environmental damage of fabric development and made-to-order materials. We have further partnered with Trees for the Future to offset our carbon emissions, planting a tree for every item sold, with over 10,000 trees planted

We don’t just claim to be a uniform for creators - we actually are, as our clothes are worn by such creators as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Rock, Matthew McConaughey, Donald Glover, Ryan Reynolds, Sacha Baron Cohen, Idris Elba, Ethan Hawke, among countless others.