The Rubbish Collection

Our very first Rubbish Collection was launched in 2019. A year in the making, our commitment to ethical practices and sustainability has always been as much a part of our brand identity as our tailoring and musician-off-duty aesthetic. 

Each piece of the collection is mindfully designed, with over 70% constructed in luxury deadstock, and the remaining in recycled yarns and fibres.  

Unique fabrication, classic Basic Rights.

Rubbish Collection: Part 1

So what exactly is deadstock? Deadstock is what is created when fabric mills overproduce. This surplus fabric is also known as end-of-roll and is often destined for landfill. As part of our production process, we go direct to source to save these luxury fabrics from waste.
Over the years we have created six installments of The Rubbish Collection and have made progressive advancements in each. Launching exclusively with Rubbish Collection Six- not only do we use deadstock fabrics, we have also incorporated recycled yarns and fabrics with biodegradable properties.

The nature of following these practices and sourcing these fabrics means we ultimately only produce small batches and limited runs. Therefore, once it’s gone, it really is gone.

Rubbish Collection: Part 2

As part of our ethical practices, another one of our latest initiatives has been our partnership with Trees for the Future. An organisation that has been taking action to offset carbon emissions while providing life changing economic opportunities for people in some of the world's most disadvantaged areas.

By our calculations, we estimate that we have helped pull over 5 tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere and have planted over 15,000 trees to date.

Rubbish Collection: Part 5

We are proud to launch The Rubbish Collection Six, with Drop One available now and Drop Two in the coming weeks. 
The range looks to recent best-selling styles including the Slim Suit Trousers, Pocket Flap Classic Trousers, Range Shirt and Pocketed Camp Collars in vibrant autumnal fabrics. All of which have been sustainably sourced from Thailand, Italy and the UK.