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Franc Moody


A band made up of close friends who also happen to be some of the best musicians in town.



How did Franc Moody come into being?


We’d both been in the same circle of musicians based out of The Arch (an analogue studio space in Tottenham we’d helped build) and decided we wanted to venture out as a writing duo. That swiftly turned into an art project drawing from our shared love of soul, funk, groove and electronic music. Fairly quickly the seeds of Franc Moody were sown. 

Can you describe your sound?


Intergalactic space funk with healthy servings of crag, soul and electronica. 

What is happening with Franc Moody at the moment? Singles, album’s, tours?


We’ve just had a single out, “Night Flight” and are off on our first UK Tour this October!



What are your musical influences, and how do they affect the tracks you produce.


A whole heap of influences. We both started off plying our trade in bands playing rock n’ roll, funk and soul etc so we’d definitely say there’s a grounding in those sounds and grooves. But equally, bands like Jamiroquai, Justice and Parliament have played a big part in the Franc Moody sound. 

What is your writing process?


Generally, either one of us will start by creating a beat, a bass line or a lyric and we’ll build around that. Maybe jam the idea out for a while, find a nuance that works and roll with it. 


You work with lots of different instruments, explain that process. 

Having a tiny studio packed to the brim with all sorts of instruments means there are endless possibilities as to where we can take our music. From keyboards, oboes, to guitars, synthesisers, talk boxes, salt shakers, harmonicas, Tabasco sauce bottles, clapped out bass guitars, triangles we’ve got so much ammunition for making our tunes. 

How will you manage to convey your sound on stage? 


Coming from a live background it was absolutely essential that we did justice to the records on stage. We wanted to keep it as “live” as we could with as little on track as possible. The band is made is made up of our very close friends who also happen to be some of the best musicians in town. 

You collaborate with lots of different musicians and producers, how do you go about finding and vetting them?


It’s a combination of our awesome management ‘Juicebox’ finding fresh artists that would work with our sound and also excitingly artists and producers reaching out to us now we’ve got a bit more of a profile. 

You have both been in bands before, how have you managed to grow into your current sound. 


In previous bands we’ve always worked with drummers during the writing process, however moving into our cupboard in Kensal Rise there’s no space for a drum kit so we’ve had to learn how to program drums. This has really contributed to the electronic side of the Franc Moody sound. Also from previous band experience, we've always retained the aim of simply wanting to make people dance and put on a show.

What is next for Franc Moody?

The big thing looming right now is the tour so we’re really focused on that. We’re also going to be getting our heads down writing the next batch of tunes ready for an album at some point next year!-- 


You can to more Franc Moody Here


Franc Moody are wearing pieces from the Basic Rights AW18 Collection