Theo Ellis | Wolf Alice

During our Spring/Summer '21 shoot, Wolf Alice bassist Theo Ellis discusses the significance of your heroes and growing up within the industry.

Theo's Right's Brother Playlist is also available now. Listen below or via the Basic Rights Spotify.

"Being a musician and stuff like that means that your heroes are usually to do with that industry... You grow up and you learn to be a bit of a grown up... Is it necessarily the right type of hero, morally, its more what you learn"

"So, my heroes were these amazing guitar players or like rockstars or whatever kind of cliché you want to add on to that. You want to be cool, and all these different kind of transient things, that as you grow older, you realise don’t really mean very much."


"I do it to kind of pacify my active brain a little bit, and make me not have to think while thinking, which is a bit of a stupid thing to say, but I kind of understand it in that way."

"I think it comes from just being curious about what you can make, and what you can do. I always have that imposter syndrome of like listening to something and then trying to make something that probably is influenced by that. Just to see if I can do it first of all, and then see how creative I can be with it, when I’ve learnt how to do it."

Theo wears pieces from our Spring/Summer 21 Collection.