Joel Amey | Wolf Alice

Outside the studio, Basic Rights Creative Director Freddie Cowan catches up with Wolf Alice dummer & co-songwriter Joel Amey on his inspirations, drivers and the importance of his environment throughout his creative journey.

Joel also curated a must-listen to playlist of songs he has on repeat right now. Listen below or via the Basic Rights Spotify.

"Seeing bands, and stuff like that, I couldn't help but idolise them, whoever it may be, because it was a world away from where I was"

"People that would inspire me to wear something different or bring myself to London, chasing a band that I could only see in London, do you know what I mean?"

"[Going to London]...It did put me on a journey, and it did inspire me, it made me want to play better, it made me want to learn more than one instrument, and learn how to sing and read the lyrics in the booklet. It was very inspiring to me"


"Playing with really good musicians, for the last, you know, however many years, and see them, you know you're kinda in the room with them when they get touched by inspiration.You’re like, that was a moment for that person, and you're just lucky enough to be there, and it makes you do something different, and it's the joy of being in a band you know, is feeding off each other, when you are in moments like that"

Joel wears pieces from our Spring/Summer Collection.