Rights Brother | Isherwood

We meet Eddie Reagan smoking a cigarette in the courtyard of the Barbican Centre feeling rough. "I'm still recovering from the weekend mate - squat party in Tower Hamlets." 

Eddie DJs under the name Isherwood and has played underground parties in recent years with well known names such as Rhadoo, Eli Verveine and tINI. He specialises in a fusion of minimal techno laced with tribal rhythms and shuns mainstream electronic sounds. All atmosphere and low-end grooves.

"Melodies give me goosebumps but it's rhythm that forms the foundation of my style. I always aim to create a rolling smooth groove. Part of me wonders what a white lad from Wigan is doing laying claim to that - but then I think it's something we all have in us. These primal energies are what I'm trying to play to, the energies that connect to rhythm."


It was that childhood in Wigan that exposed him to the sound of Northern Soul but a sister playing 90s dance that got him into electronic. "I'd have missed it if it wasn't for her. I was hooked early. It was always high energy 4/4 dance music that I was listening to, British and American."



He talks about how he crafts his sound. "It's a process of continual discovery. You can never get stale or close your mind. The guys that are playing records - there's a healthy competition that exists between them. You hear someone playing something and think 'Christ I have to have that', and when you ask what it was half the time they're gonna tell you to fuck off. But that just comes with the territory. If you do get the record it's all about fusing it into your own sound. That's how you evolve, bit by bit."


What does the future look like we ask, what direction is his sound going? "Er, I don't know frankly. Fuck knows where the scene is going to be." 

And what about the scene? What are his views there? "I struggle to answer this one - but I can say that there's a lot of quality in London right now. Not everyone's gone to Berlin."


Eddie wears linen high waisted trousers, pima cotton t-shirt, long sleeve camp collar shirt.