Mickey Down & Konrad Kay

‘As stressful as drinking 10 espressos then speaking in public, naked.’ (The Guardian)

‘A bit like being sober and listening to someone at a party who’s four drinks in and has a rolled-up note in their hand’ (BFI Sight And Sound)

‘A scorching indictment of the impact of late stage-capitalism on the individual?’ (guy on his second Negroni trying to impress a Hinge date)


Whatever you make of Industry, the brilliant HBO show, now halfway through its triumphant second series, you cannot deny that it is designed to provoke - to grab you by the scruff of your four-for-a-hundred quid TM Lewin shirt, and feel something - nausea, disgust, sadistic delight, schadenfreude, horror.


The men at the Macbook behind the show are Konrad Kay and Mickey Down, two ex-bankers, which gives them their unique insight into the hellish world of high finance. We met with them to talk about their approach to creating, and the ideas behind the ideas.

'Maybe the perfect shirt'

Konrad Kay - Long Sleeve Pocket Camp Collar