Since 1911, German textile manufacturers Merz b. Schwanen have specialized in producing some of the finest knits on the market. As we learned more about their combination of heritage and attention to detail, collaboration seemed like the natural next step. We bring you the Merz x BR Ribbed Sleeve Tee.

We visited the Merz headquarters in Swabian Jura, Germany, to take a deeper look into their signature manufacturing process. Merz still produces on original German loopwheelers from the 1920’s-60’s, using only organic materials. This allows the family-run factory to create high quality fabrics with a uniquely vintage feel.





Sewing is handled by manufacturers in the Swabian Alps, and the labels are loomed on a traditional Jaquard loom from the 19th century. Even the boxes the shirts come in are produced by a family business following the original designs.



Their mantra is to make the “best pieces of clothing possible by paying close attention to the exclusive use of high-quality materials, sturdy workmanship and fair working conditions”, and to work with people who share the same work ethic and love of subtle designs, and who appreciate “good materials and socially responsible manufacturing processes and who embrace life and enjoy sharing all that is good”.



The Ribbed Sleeve Tee is a collaborative labour of love.



We combined our effortlessly sophisticated aesthetic with their tried and true production methods to update the standard tee in a meaningful way.

Made from all natural cotton, the medium weight tee features subtly elongated sleeves finished off with ribbed hems to give it just the right amount of understated character. Available in classic black and an off-white hue reverberates Merz’s original workers shirt from the start of the last century.



Merz says what matters most is how clothes are made and that they feel “right”. We couldn’t agree more.

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