Behind the Scenes in Manchester


Our Autumn Winter collection is a development of our uniform for creators. So we wanted to showcase it in a true creative context- the streets of Manchester.

In every way Manchester is every bit the rival of London, and there are those who would say it is in fact our most important creative city. And just walking through the streets, you can feel why. These are the streets that birthed and inspired true musical pioneers like The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Fall, and Joy Division. But Manchester is more than just music.


From John Cooper Clarke’s poetry and Anthony Burgess’ novels, to Danny Boyle’s films, the city has created some of our nations’ most important and influential creative voices.  But Manchester’s creative story is not just history. It is a northern powerhouse of contemporary creativity from its universities, galleries and venues to the BBC. 


We wanted to get into the streets that these creators had walked before us, but without taking a tourist trip down the memory lane sights, so we shot in various backstreets around the city.


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Every piece intricately tailored and inspired by iconic creatives styles from the Fisherman Jumper and the iconic Raglan Overcoat to our newly updated camp collar shirts.