Hector Esrawe

One of the greatest designers working today is the Mexican multidisciplinary designer, Hector Esrawe. The director of Esrawe Studio, Hector’s designs include furniture, objects, architecture, installation and interiors. His belief is that design is a living process of dialogue, connecting the users with their surroundings. Design stems from an understanding of basic physical and emotional needs of a given moment, and creating accordingly.

True artistry exists all around us, not just in the books we read, or songs we hear. It’s in the buildings, rooms, chairs, tables and tools of our lives. And when these things are designed with passion and vision, they have the power not just to provide utility, but also to change the way we emotionally perceive and experience day to day life.

In Hector’s own words, ‘I never design for beauty, but if you do a rational, honest, process, that is contextual and based on needs, most of the time that becomes a beautiful thing.’

Hector is an icon in his home country, and a founding partner of the perfumery brand
Xinú and of Casa del Agua, which collects rainwater and filters it into drinkable water, but also a truly celebrated figure in the world of international designers, having won every design award there is. And one look at his work immediately tells you why.