Ben Baptie

There’s a moment when you hear a song for the first time that something unique happens inside the reception centres of the brain - the feeling of your ears pricking up in a different way- a response that’s about more than just the chords, the melody, harmony or the lyrics, yet somehow all of them at the same time. The sound of a song. The feel of it.

Many around the world had that feeling on April 10th 2020, as they heard the opening 3 seconds of The Strokes’ new album, The New Abnormal. Something about the sound of the muted drumbeat that opens The Adults Are Taking signals that what is coming would be up there with their very best. And it is. That sound, that feeling and that moment was created by Ben Baptie, the mix engineer for the album.

Ben, a London-based producer and mix engineer, started his career in 2010, assisting the Grammy award-winning engineer Tom Elmhurst for four years in both London and New York, at Electric Lady Studios. Since starting his own journey, he’s worked with Albert Hammond Jr, Ezra Koenig, Cage the Elephant, London, Grammar, and Rex Orange County alongside many others, from Strongarm Studios, his Hackney base.