Basic Rights X Trees For The Future


Global warming is a problem that can and does affect us all. The rise in CO2 is not inexorable, but only if we take responsibility and take action. 

Basic Rights is proud to partner with Trees for the Future, an organisation that has been taking action to offset carbon emissions while providing life changing economic opportunities for people in some of the world's most disadvantaged areas.

Basic Rights uses deadstock fabrics whenever possible, but even with 'sustainable' materials, manufacturing, selling and distributing clothing with zero carbon emission is impossible. 

On average, each tree planted removes 35lbs/16kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. 

We have planted 10,000 trees as a start. 


By our calculations, this initial step will more than offset our current carbon footprint within the first year.


We pledge to plant another tree for every product we sell from now on.


That means everything you buy here results in a step towards a cleaner future. 

Because a quintessential Basic Right is the right for us all to live on a healthy, thriving planet. 

To find out more about Trees for the Future and see what you can do to help, click here



This initiative is the first of many we have planned to embrace our responsibilities as a brand and as a company. 


Know your rights.