Basic Rights: Sustainability

Lifecycle of a Product

Circular fashion has been a focus since our inception. We see every part of a garment’s lifespan as cyclical - starting with designing for longevity and timelessness, to using sustainable materials and ethical production practices. 

We pride ourselves on craftsmanship, because buying quality means less waste all around, and a Basic Right for us all is to live on a healthy, thriving planet.   

Limited Runs

We produce in small batches to limit waste and use end of roll, deadstock or recycled fabrics where possible. We maintain close relationships with every link in the supply chain and work exclusively with purposefully selected boutique manufacturers to ensure ethical standards are met throughout. 

Deliberate Sourcing

The ‘Rubbish Collection’ allows us to take this a step further: each limited-edition drop is comprised of reworked interpretations of our signature styles in 100% deadstock or reclaimed fabrics.  


We also started a partnership with Trees for the Future in 2019 to offset our carbon footprint by planting a tree for every item sold. To date, we have planted over 15,000 trees. By our calculations, this initial step has more than offset our current carbon footprint in the first year. 

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