Covid 19 Journal | Check In #2

Date: 12/5/2020

We set up this Covid Journey Journal to keep you updated on all things Basic Rights, and to share how we’re adapting, adjusting, and generally trying to stay sane in the midst of a pandemic. 

Our second check-in is with our Head of Design and Development, Barry, who is based in London.
Read on to see what he’s working on, how he’s spending his days and how he’s adjusting to the new normal. 
1. Name
Barry Tulip

2. Role
Head of Design and Development

3. Current Location

4. Current Projects
AW20 and SS21

5. How has the quarantine affected your workload

It’s had quite a big affect. I normally work in several different locations in any given week due to the kind of thing I have to do. Now, in lockdown, I have to choose between the dining table, sofa or living room floor.

In some ways it doesn’t have a major effect because a lot of my work can be done on paper or the computer. But when it comes to fittings, things can be a bit more challenging. But working remotely with our fit model we have managed to devise a way of sending the clothes that need to be fitted by courier. We have then been doing fittings by video call. So far it has worked out well because I am just making minor adjustments.

6. Describe the steps/surroundings to design a collection? 

I am about to start work on SS21 so I have been speaking a lot to our Creative Director Freddie. It’s really important that we keep in close contact. We have been speaking a lot over the phone along with video calling and sending photos. When I begin designing I start with doing lots of research, a lot of which can be done online. I also like to draw a lot, mainly using a fine line pen, I collage a lot as well. All of which I can do happily at home. These activities help to keep the creativity flowing. 

7. What is your focus at the moment? 

We are in the final stages of the collection development cycle for AW20. This is when we sign off final prototype samples, so that they can be put into production. In comparison with many other brands we are working on a late schedule. But because we are direct to consumer we can operate on a later calendar.

With any new items I design, all prototypes and fabric swatches are now sent to my home address, so I have everything that I need with me to complete the collection.

8. What’s keeping you sane right now? 

I read a lot, I also keep in close contact with friends and family. I think I have probably been more sociable since Lockdown started than I was before, which can only be a good thing! Every dark cloud etc..

Due to the pandemic, I try to go out as little as possible. I live in the centre of London and so there are always people on the streets and in the Parks. Which isn’t the ideal scenario for social distancing. But I have a little roof terrace, so I spend a lot of time up there with a good book.