Covid 19 An Update



To everyone,
Jack from Basic Rights here, writing to let you know what we’re doing in response to the seriousness of COVID-19. 
Our London staff has begun working from home to practice the globally recommended policy of social distancing so as not to play a part in transmitting the virus. We are in constant communication with our factories to ensure workers are kept safe, have access to the care they need, and are provided for financially if they do fall ill.
Next day shipping is currently unavailable. However, please know if you place an order, it will get to you. We’ll update with changes to turnaround as the days/weeks progress.
We are only starting to see how this will impact our business. While the situation unfolds, we believe in maintaining total transparency, as has always been part of our brand DNA.
We’ll be chronicling progress in a regularly updated journal entry on our website. Anyone who wants the full picture on how a thing like this can impact the universe of a small clothing brand - that’s the place to find it.
We also invite anyone who wants to open a direct line on any related matter to email I will be personally checking the account daily, and will do my best to answer as many as I can.
Finally, I feel compelled to say that we understand there are plenty of people out there who aren’t in any frame of mind to receive messages announcing release of new products, or have the financial freedom to be shopping for menswear.
However, we are, and remain a small business - and we live and die by our ability to continue to release new product. There’s some great stuff we’ve been working on that’s just around the corner, and we have to go ahead with launching as planned. You can always unsubscribe. I promise we won’t take it the wrong way.
As a token to acknowledge the difficulties everyone is experiencing, we’ll be giving 25% off all new product released from Thursday, valid for the foreseeable future.
Stay safe, and as always, Know Your Rights.
Jack Gove, 
Managing Director